The Ultimate Door Security

For your security, all Ultimate doors are fitted with a unique 12 point multi-lock. Simply by lifting the handle upwards all 12 lock features are engaged.

                                                                          12 Ultimate Security Features
Within the context of security and peace of mind, you and your family can rest assured and feel safe behind the unique 12 point multi-lock.

High Security Cylinder

Finally, since the BBC programme 'Inside Out'   featured a lengthy documentary on lock snapping
and general basic cylinder vulnerability,
all ultimate high security entrance doors
are fitted with the unique 3 star 
high security cylinder.

The 3 star high security cylinder is Kitemarked
and surpasses all of todays security requirements
and cannot be drilled, picked, bumped or snapped and
for your convenience all ultimate doors are supplied with 5 keys as standard.

2 x top and bottom shoot bolts

3 x outer/inner facing hook locks

2 x dead-locks

1 x centre locking latch

4 or 6 roller cams (dependent on door height)

French doors will include shoot bolts to the slave door that once again lock by lifting the slave door handle.

To complement your new Ultimate door you may choose from a range of 4 hardware finishes; white, brass, chrome and black.
These solid zinc handles are contemporary in design and will enhance the appearance of all windows and doors regardless of colour and design.
Brass and Chrome colour options both have a lacquer finish that will help prevent corrosion, especially around coastal areas.